PayPal Seller Protection provides sellers with protection against falsely made claims, unfair chargebacks. To protect the integrity of our selling experience, the VANTA customer support team provides protection and resolution against untruthful negative feedback.

Most issues are resolved directly between the seller and buyer via PayPal Seller Protection. Throughout the dispute resolution process, sellers can rely on the VANTA customer support team to provide guidance and to ensure a fair and efficient resolution.

Contact our customer support team. They’ll work with you to resolve any concerns regarding authentication verification. If the item is determined inauthentic, you will receive a full refund.
Every purchase on VANTA is covered by PayPal Purchase Protection and backed by our 100% money-back guarantee.

We assess the seller’s track record on VANTA and the seller is contacted with a notice/warning or permanently frozen.
Replica and counterfeit items are illegal—so yes, we take this process very seriously.

We ensure moderation to make sure every item on VANTA is legit. Listings that are published on VANTA have been digitally reviewed by one of our expert moderators or have meet all the requirements necessary to be determined legit.

Approval to publish the listing is denied, the listing is permanently deleted and the seller is contacted and/or blocked.